Underground Market 001 Domenico Rosa

Domenico Rosa (Imprints Records / IT)
Janis Plasmatik
Manic Mike

Venue: Paparouna (Ex Volume) Located at Heroes Square Limassol.
A Completely New Sound System will be installed for this event

1 Person Ticket €10
2 Person "BIG" Ticket €15 (very limited number available)

Pre-sale Locations: Miro Café Bar (Heroes Square) Limassol
Nicosia TBA /
Selected PR's
Infoline: 96522111

Imprints Records was born with the passion that came from two young Italian dj and producers.
The project begins with the idea to expand and promote, while impressing the diversity of the young talent production’s.
The result of Imprints creations is the fusion between the trends of deep house music "old school" with the new minimal and electronic,
all exclusively through vinyl distribution.